HSPrivate weddings are conducted in Ireland by Marriage Solemnisers who are authorised by the HSE to conduct legal marriages in Ireland, and are registered with the HSE by the nominating organisation they belong to.

Marriage Solemnisers in Ireland are categorised by two types according to the HSE:

  1. Religious or
  2. Secular

Religious or Secular you might ask?  Sometimes they can be one and the same.  Although Secular means non-religious, in Ireland Religious and Secular solemnisers can both be Religious.   Why? Some religions are not recognised as a religion in Ireland so marriage solemnisers from those religious groups are lumped into the category of Secular marriage solemnisers. 

Why?  This is because in Ireland a Religion is defined by the belief and worship of a Supreme being and the belief and worship of one or more Gods.   For that reason any non-theistic organisations which have a belief system and followers but do not have a belief in a Supreme being or God or Gods, are registered as a Secular body although they are actually Religious!

No wonder there is so much confusion for the public!  But don’t worry, we will dispel any confusion.

For more information about Secular Religions you can also see Wikipedia:



Religion – A (Very) Quick Overview

Religions can certainly be complicated.  But basically there are two types of Religions in the world.  Religions with a belief in God or Gods, and Religions with no belief in God or Gods.   All Marriage Solemnisers in Ireland fit into one of the following two categories:

  • Theistic Religion (Belief in God or Gods)
  • Nontheistic Religion (No belief in God or Gods)

Theistic Religion

Theistic religions are those with a belief in one or more Gods.   This includes nature-based and interfaith religious organisations, some of which are permitted to conduct non-religious ceremonies.  

Theistic religions can be further divided into two types, 1. single faith or 2. interfaith.

Single faith Theistic Religion – are religions who according to their rules, will not marry any persons who are not their own followers or “believers”.  This includes of course Catholocism, Christianity, Jehovas Witness, some nature-based Religions and many many more. 

Some Single faith Religions may require that couples complete a training course or attend a certain number of Religious gatherings in order to “become” believers of their Religion before they will be permitted to marry them.

Interfaith Theistic Religion – are those religious organisations with a belief in a Supreme being and God or Gods, whose beliefs and rules allow them to marry persons from all beliefs, from all faiths or none, sometimes with the condition that the couple also shares the belief in the organisations own rules and beliefs.  This includes some nature-based Religious groups, Spiritualist groups and interfaith Religious groups.  Marriage Solemnisers from these Interfaith theistic Religious groups will give you the most flexibility for your marriage ceremony.

Nontheistic Religion

Nontheistic religions are those without a belief in a Supreme being or any God or Gods, so their marriage solemnisers are classed as Secular by the HSE in Ireland.   There are many Nontheistic world religions.  Not all Nontheistic Religions are registered to conduct marriages in Ireland. 

For a list of Nontheistic religions you can see Wikipedia:


Therefore if you would like a truly non-Religious dream enchanted wedding ceremony to your own beliefs and wishes, your authentic choices are certain Interfaith Marriage Solemnisers whose beliefs allow them to conduct a non-religious ceremony. 

If you would like your wedding ceremony conducted according to a Nontheistic religious belief which does not have a marriage solemniser in Ireland, your best choice is a marriage solemniser from an Interfaith Theistic religious group as their beliefs permit them to conduct ceremonies for people of all faiths or none.

Unless you are a follower of the beliefs of a specific Religious solemniser’s organisation, your best choice to be married in Ireland with your dream enchanted wedding ceremony according to your unique beliefs and wishes is an interfaith marriage solemniser.

List of Interfaith Solemnisers

You will find the list of Solemnisers on the HSE’s publicy available Register of Solemnisers incudling details of the Religious or Secular body they belong to along with their contact details.