How to Choose the Right Celebrant for You

The right Celebrant in Ireland the one who knows how special your big day is to you, and wants you to know all your options for Getting Married in Ireland because they truly want you to choose the Celebrant and the Ceremony which is right for you.

The right celebrant is the one who guides you through the maze of legal obligations because they are experts in compliance with the Marriage Act which comes from their own real experience. They

The right celebrant for you will explain all of the different types of Celebrants and ceremonies available in Ireland and help you to choose the Celebrant who can conduct the ceremony which best suits your own beliefs and wishes, even if it’s not theirs.

You can easily identify the right celebrant, because your inner self will know they are competent and capable of delivering in what they say they can deliver and put your wishes first. Your Celebrant should provide you with a copy of your ceremony script so you can approve of every word.

The right Celebrant for you will understand how important it is for your wedding to be a real legal marriage ceremony if that’s what you want. They will advise you that if you want to be legally married in Ireland you should choose a Celebrant who is HSE Registered to conduct legal marriage ceremonies, so your wedding ceremony is a real, legal marriage on the day because that’s what’s best for you.

If you want your wedding ceremony to be a real, legal marriage and you come across a Celebrant who isn’t HSE registered to conduct a legal marriage ceremony, and they advise you that the only way to have a fully personalised ceremony is to attend the HSE Registry Office for a legal marriage to “sign the legal paperwork” and have a non-legal wedding ceremony with them as your Celebrant on a different day, that is totally wrong. They are coercing you to book them because they want your money.

This is modern Ireland, you don’t need to have a non-legal symbolic wedding ceremony if you want a personalised unique wedding ceremony any more – just choose the right Celebrant who is a HSE Registered to legally marry you on the day with the personalised style of ceremony you really want.

So what are the different types of Celebrants and marriage ceremonies possible here in modern Ireland? We have explained it all here – read our Essential Guide to Choosing Your Celebrant Wisely blog article to find out all the types of Celebrants and ceremonies available to you for getting married in Ireland!