If you would like to elope to Ireland you must first choose between a legal wedding, or a non-legal wedding ceremony.  Depending on your country of residence, each choice has  it’s benefits.

1. Legal Wedding – usually much easier when one or both partners are Irish citizens.  Non-citizens are required to produce a document issued by their government as proof they are free to marry.  But for those who are determined to have a legal wedding in Ireland, the extra work is worth it.

2. Non-legal Wedding – depending on your circumstances, this is the most trouble-free way to elope to Ireland.   You have no government rules or constraints to follow in Ireland and you are free to have your wedding ceremony at any location you choose.

You can elope to Ireland with a non-legal wedding ceremony by registering your marriage at a Registry Office in your country of residence before travelling to Ireland.  The benefit of a non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland and a Registry Office marriage in your country of residence is that there will be no doubt that your marriage will be legally recognised in your country of residence.

Once you arrive in Ireland you have a beautiful personalised wedding ceremony of your dreams created by a ceremony officiant with experience in elopement wedding ceremonies.