Your Legal Wedding in Ireland

It is now possible to have the legal wedding of your choice in Ireland,  on any day of the week, at the venue of your choice.  But you do need to know what options are available to you, so you can choose the best person to conduct your ceremony.

Legal Marriage Ceremony

Your legal marriage ceremony in Ireland can be conducted in one of three ways, depending on your circumstances, beliefs and wishes.  The type of legal marriage ceremony you have is always your choice and there are a vast number of choices now available in Ireland.

  1. Church wedding – with clergy officiating.  See your Church for details.
  2. Registry Office wedding – with a HSE Civil Registrar officiating.  See your nearest HSE Civil Registration Office for details.
  3. Fully-flexible or “alternative” wedding – just you want it to be – with your choice of non-HSE Marriage Solemniser