You have so many choices for a non-church wedding in Ireland, you are totally spoiled! It all comes down to your beliefs, and do you want a simple no-fuss wedding ceremony, or a personalised and unique celebration customised to your own beliefs and wishes!

Non-Church weddings in Ireland are conducted by authorised or Registered Marriage Solemnisers who are registered with the government to conduct legal marriages according to the requirements of the Marriage Act and the beliefs of their nominating organisation. 

According to the Irish government, there are two types of marriages for non-Church weddings in Ireland:

  1. Civil Marriage – Conducted by Registry Office employees, working for the HSE.
  2. Religious or Secular Marriage – conducted by one of thousands of Marriage Solemnisers belonging to a Religious organisation, which means the organisation has a belief in the existence of a Supreme or Divine Being, along with belief in the existence of one or more Gods or Goddesses.  This includes Interfaith and multi-faith Religious organisations with no specific Religious beliefs, who welcome people of all faiths or none, and conduct beautiful religious or non-religious, spiritual or non-spiritual wedding ceremonies to suit your beliefs of any kind.

Most couples seeking a non-Church wedding in Ireland will choose their Marriage Solemnisers either based on recommendations from their friends and family, or based on the beliefs of the Solemniser’s organisation.


You will find the general checklist for Religious/Secular marriages including a link to the current Register of Solemnisers on the Irish government website here:

General Checklist for Religious/Secular Marriages

A Civil Wedding is a Registry office wedding, conducted by a Civil Registrar, who is a government employee, either in the Registry Office during business hours Monday to Friday, or at a suitable outside wedding venue of your choice, after office hours or on the weekend. (Subject to inspection and approval of the venue, at extra cost).   Although you don’t get to choose your Registrar, and a registry office wedding ceremony cannot be personalised as there is no opportunity for you to meet with your Registrar before your wedding day, a Registry Office wedding can be the perfect choice for couples who just want an informal and simple no-fuss wedding without any stress.

Religious/Secular Wedding – this is the choice for couples who do not want either a church wedding or a Registry office wedding, and who would like to be in control of every aspect of their wedding ceremony.  Conducted by your choice of the many thousands of registered Marriage Solemnisers listed on the government “Register of Solemnisers”, who are duly authorised by the Irish government to create, conduct and authenticate a legal marriage in the Republic of Ireland.  

Religious Solemnisers include those from interfaith and multifaith religious bodies who welcoming people from all faiths and beliefs or none without judgement.  Your best choice for a Religious or Secular wedding ceremony is a Marriage Solemniser from a multifaith Religous organisation who is experienced in creating religious or non-religious ceremonies to suit your very own beliefs and wishes.

Your choice of Marriage Solemniser will depend on your religious, or non-religious, spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs.  A multi-faith solemniser is the best choice for couples who are either religious or non-religious, spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs of any kind.

If you would like to have a legal wedding ceremony you must engage the services of an authorised and registered Marriage Solemniser.